The Real-Time web

Posted in Uncategorized by elisehuard on October 16, 2009

Like all of the over-connected, I’ve been intrigued by the hype around the so-called realtime web, so i’ve been looking around and reading up. Today, I had an opportunity to bring it all together in a short presentation.

The main points I was trying to make:

  1. nothing new under the sun, technologically: HTTP callbacks, and then ajax and js push for the webby stuff
  2. taking a step back, and having a nuanced view, is as always a good idea

The structure is partly inspired by Jeff Lindsay’s talk about webhooks at Pivotal Labs. I gave 2 demo’s. The first is the one described by Ilya Grigorik in his post about pubsubhubbub, where I used the watercoolr site itself and postbin. The second was an illustration about how the magic of Google Wave can be reproduced using ajax and juggernaut (though I’m sure their solution has more complexity, since they have a much, much higher load).

The last image (the house) is to talk about a nice example of the real-time web (internet of things, yay): the Pachube application now has triggers. Pachube acts as a hub for sensor information: so that means you can put triggers on your sensor data. As in ‘my house is colder than 10 degrees, notify me’.

Service announcement: I’m going to move this blog to another hosting very soon, under a new domain name (jabberwocky.eu). Well, I’ll post here to say it, anyway.


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