Rails Bugmash: sweet

Posted in open source, rails, ruby by elisehuard on August 16, 2009

Better late than never: if you’re into Rails, but have never had the time to get involved in Rails Core, do participate to the next Bugmash !

Not only was it very instructive, it was also lots of fun, like resolving chinese puzzles in group, and against a clock. The core team members on the IRC channel (#railsbridge on Freenode) made sure you could got an answer to every question. Thanks again to the folks of Railsbridge for organizing the whole thing.

The core team people had singled out a pool of bugs that needed cleaning up or looked at, and had tagged them so they could be retrieved easily. Patches, comments, test sets, all got different types of points. Everyone was pleasantly surprised with the number of bugs processed during the weekend.

I didn’t really see it as a contest, more as an occasion to get involved, so I had a fairly normal weekend, with a dinner party on saturday and a movie on sunday, and I bugmashed on a terrasse part of the time. Still, I was chuffed to land in the first page of results and to get a price (Lighthouse subscription for one year, nice).

So yes, much recommended … after all, don’t you want to know the internals of the platform you’re using every day, and help it evolve ? (some strange and puzzling things in there, let me tell you).

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  1. Marci Sachtleben said, on December 19, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    Great article it is surely. My teacher has been awaiting for this tips.

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