FOSDEM Ruby devroom: call for papers

Posted in Uncategorized by elisehuard on December 11, 2008

As you all know (or really should know), FOSDEM conference takes place on the 7th and 8th of february next year. Again, this year, BRUG is manning a Ruby – RoR devroom on saturday.

If you stumbled upon or wrote a particularly nifty bit of Ruby code, or you’re an expert on a particular aspect of Rails, you should apply for a talk !

The wiki; says:

We accept 25 minute and 50 minute talks and tutorials, but we are not strict on this so please indicate the preferred length of your talk/tutorial in your proposal. We may still slightly adjust this length depending on the response we receive. We would like to ask you to include a short bio when you submit your proposal. This bio will appear on the FOSDEM website and should consist of a single sentence description and an extended description; examples can be found in last year’s program: http://archive.fosdem.org/2008/schedule/events .

Unfortunately, I can’t do anything myself (should i think of a subject), since i’m part of the organizing team, and other team members have already suggested that we will all be incredibly busy.


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