Railsconf Europe 2008

Posted in conference, rails by elisehuard on September 12, 2008

Time flies like a cheetah on speed, and here we are already: september.

Next week i’m going to Berlin to attend Railsconf Europe. Railsconf Europe is about the only big-time event around Ruby and Rails in Europe right now, so i have to attend it at least once, if only to see my colleagues’ demographics, and get a peek at the Rails A-listers for myself.

I’m going to try to be there for the Bratwurst on Rails thing, the informal meet-and-greet on the first of september – though my plane’s getting in a little late.

The next day i won’t be attending the tutorials, but rather see what i can do in the Community Code Drive, basically the local hackaton.

Then wednesday and thursday will be spent in the usual conference fashion. Hopefully i’ll also be able to look up with a couple of friends who live in town.

Let me know if you’re attending, maybe we’ll be able to hook up. Looking forward to it … maybe next time i’ll be able to present something, who knows (which might cut the total cost somewhat).

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